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An Arizona jury unanimously awarded a Planned Parenthood whistleblower $3 million in damages two years after she sued the abortion provider for wrongful termination.

Mayra Rodriguez had worked for Planned Parenthood as a health center administrator and despite receiving the Employee of the Year Award, Rodriguez was fired for reporting on illegal activities and negligent conduct that endangered the lives of patients. The Arizona jury’s ruling in favor of Rodriguez should provide hope that the stories of other former Planned Parenthood workers can at last be heard, and that the truth surrounding the unethical conduct of the notorious abortion provider can at last be exposed.

The dangerous activities that Rodriguez witnessed include multiple abortion complications due to the actions of a Planned Parenthood abortionist, and the falsification of affidavits and patient records. Rodriguez also noticed the organization’s neglectful tendencies toward documenting incomplete abortions. Perhaps even more horrifying, she blew the whistle on their failure to act as mandatory reporters in cases where they knew statutory rape had taken place or was taking place.

Reading the complaint Rodriguez filed against Planned Parenthood, we can see the devastating impact the organization’s neglectful conduct had on its patients:

By early-to-mid August 2017, Ms. Rodriguez noticed a trend of PPA clinician written reports detailing patients who were suffering from substantial post-abortion surgical complications or problems such as extensive bleeding and painful cramping. The reports […] also documented several patients suffering from perforated uteruses which had been diagnosed by emergency room physicians throughout the metro area. Ms. Rodriguez determined that a single PPA doctor, fictitiously named herein as ‘Dr. X,’ had performed the abortion surgeries on each of these patients who had reported the foregoing substantial post-abortion surgery complications or problems.

Rodriguez also reported that the patients of Dr. X often experienced “more substantial post-abortion surgery complications and problems than the patients who underwent abortion surgery by or with the other PPA physicians.” When she voiced her concerns to her superiors, Rodriguez was surprised when they told her that they “all know what he [Dr. X] does but nobody wants to do anything about it.”

Further complaints surrounding Dr. X came from medical assistants who noticed that the abortionist was having them fill out paperwork confirming the abortion was complete and all fetal body parts had been accounted for before the procedure had even begun. It was also through various medical assistants that Rodriguez was made aware of the inappropriate behavior of another abortionist named “Dr. Y” who was reported to be “belligerent, threatening, rude, unprofessional, and uncivil.”

After making her concerns known to her superiors, Rodriguez promptly received a final written warning which accused her of underperforming at her job, in spite of the positive performance reviews she had received prior to that. Not long after the written notice, Rodriguez was accused of keeping narcotics in her desk, and her employment with Planned Parenthood was then terminated.

In an effort to further discredit her, Planned Parenthood attempted to use Rodriguez’s status as an undocumented immigrant against her by using it to shame her and accuse her of being a liar in court. This is rather ironic, as Planned Parenthood has claimed in public to fight for the rights of undocumented immigrants, yet they attempted to use Rodriguez’s status as one in a further effort to smear her.

It took the jury a mere three hours of deliberation before they ruled in favor of Rodriguez. Even though her attorney had not asked for a specific amount, the jury ruled that Planned Parenthood must pay Rodriguez $3 million in damages.

Aiding her in her fight against Planned Parenthood was the pro-life And Then There Were None ministry, a group that helps abortion workers find new career paths and share their stories. The founder of the organization, former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson, spoke on the happiness she felt towards the positive outcome of the trial.

“When Mayra came to And Then There Were None with her incredible story, I felt solidarity with her, having gone through a similar situation when I worked for Planned Parenthood. Standing with her through the trial and rejoicing in the ultimate victory has been amazing.”

Samantha Kamman writes about abortion for Lone Conservative.com

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