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Electrek obtained a new chart that Tesla is using to explain all the differences in its growing S3XY electric car lineup as it expands with Model Y.

Tesla used to just sell one model at a time. At first, it was the Roadster, and then Tesla discontinued it and was only selling the Model S.

However, in the span of just four years, Tesla went from selling only a single model to four: Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X.

What once was a small EV startup is becoming a full-fledged automaker with a decent number of options.

In order to help navigate those options, Tesla put a new chart together to help differentiate all the different features of all its vehicles.

The automaker sent the chart to its sales staff, and Electrek re-created it below:

Electrek’s Take

I feel like this is a chart to help Tesla sales staff upsell people interested in Model 3 and Model Y, but I thought it was useful enough to be worth sharing.

Upselling to Model S and Model X is going to be a tough job during the first half of the year, in my opinion.

We expect several improvements to those two vehicle programs during the second half of the year, and I don’t expect sales to pick up until then.

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