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Celebrated jewellery couturier Pavan Anand’s name has always been synonymous with phenomenal jewels, his works having graced multiple global names including Goldie Hawn, Nicole Kidman, Edward Norton and the Royal Family of Morocco. However, few know that the connoisseur of luxury also has an eponymous relationship with the world of design and architecture.

The renowned designer has always combined his passions for art and aesthetic to create experiences that are as aspirational as they are affluent, and is now ready to herald a new architectural awakening in Alibaug with a series of luxury villas.

Pavan Anand & Sushma Kilachand to bring the Hamptons to Alibaug! – World Media Network Having previously showcased with Bergdorf Goodman and collaborated with internationally acclaimed brands such as Versace and Nankai, Anand has also long associated with the ideas of Sushma Kilachand. Spanning a decade long professional (and personal) bond, their most recent collaboration is a conscious effort to change the architectural DNA of Alibaug, introducing Mumbai’s world of glamour to their own stylish version of the Hamptons. The project is an extension of their already fabulous repertoire, and can be rightly construed as their latest offering to the world of lifestyle.

The idea here is not just to create lavish, luxurious homes, but also to introduce the city to a new form of fashionable architectural design: creating living spaces that feature an honest juxtaposition of art, architecture and the Avant Garde, three of Anand’s strongest suits. Each bespoke home is a spatial thought that disrupts the existing Balinese archetype that makes up the very fabric of the beach town, redefining the very notions of luxury.

The very first of these designer villas is to be unveiled at a grand soiree on the 6 th of March 2020, for a curated list of the country’s most notoriously influential names. The first-of-its-kind contemporary structure replaces panache with provocative, and the sumptuous with sensual to create an altogether new aesthetic – one that challenges the footprint of luxury living. The dwelling comes backed by the expertise of Singapore-based luxury estate curator Anubhav Bhuvan, who has been involved in the venture from a planning, scaling and logistical POV right from the get go.

A true cornucopia of straight lines, glorious galleries and modern materials, the house pays homage to the elements with the minutest of details. The result is a playful combination of Zen and zing, creating a piece de resistance that’s worthy of international standards: a glass goliath nestled between earth, foliage, water and fire, an architectural masterpiece that’s bursting to its seams with many such masterpieces.

Simply put, the house is not an experience that is restricted to its solid built form, but as a series of spatial gems that are perfectly interwoven to craft an artwork so exquisite, each individual element deserves its own showcase at an art museum. This should not come as a surprise, since the design team behind the project has worked on an array of other such high-end residences, including (but not restricted to) the abode of global icon Tom Ford.

Truly said, this is not just a house that is to be lived in. It’s a home that needs to be experienced.

This is modern art, at its finest.

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