Connecting Hearts Exhibition to be held in Shibuya; Commemorating the release of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind - KH13 · for Kingdom Hearts


To celebrate the release of Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, there will be an exhibit held at Tokyo, Shibuya-ku 2-24-12 Shibuya Scramble Square, on the 12F of the Event Space from January 31 to February 2.  It will be known as the Connected Hearts Exhibition, and with it, a campaign being held seven winners will be selected and given a special piece of artwork.

Note: Delivery of prizes is limited to Japan residents only.

?Campaign Guidelines?

? The person must have a good terms Twitter account and not have it set as "Private".

? The person's account must be able to accept DMs.

? The person must be following the official KH twitter (@_KINGDOMHEARTS)

? To enter, please retweet the tweet.

? Use the hashtag ???????? in your retweet.

? Once a winner has been chosen, the winner will be DMed by the official KH Twitter. (NOTE: The winner will not be able to choose which gift they'll get.)

Campaign duration: January 31~February 9

Translation credit goes to KH13's Ryuji!

You can take a look at some images of the event's artwork and set up below!

The Seven Hearts' names roughly translate to Journey, Destiny, Promise, Twilight, Duplicity, Missing and Eternal.

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