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Weight loss plateau

Have you heard of the term, weight loss plateau? No? Well, it is that stage of weight loss, where everything that you do in order to shed those extra kilos, seems waste and nothing really works. You neither gain nor lose the weight. Weight loss plateau can make your goal tough to achieve. During the initial phase of weight loss, you experience significant drop. This is because when you cut calories, your body uses glycogen present in the muscles and liver, to get the needed energy. As glycogen is made of water, when it is burned, it releases water, that helps in weight loss. However, this is temporary. Now, during the process of weight loss, you lose some fat and muscles as well. Muscles actually help to keep your metabolism up. So, with initial weight loss your metabolism slows down. This is what is the main culprit behind the weight loss plateau. So, this is the time you need to bring some changes in your schedule to break it. There are some common mistakes that almost everyone makes, that lead to weight loss plateau. Read on to know about them.



Doing the same exercise: Performing same kind of exercises everyday won’t work. You need to keep on challenging yourself. To do that, either increase your frequency of doing a workout or change the exercise itself. Resistance training can be a good way to break weight loss plateau.

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