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Katrina Kaif on struggling after her breakup with Ranbir

Katrina Kaif on struggling after her breakup with Ranbir  |  Photo Credit: Instagram

Its been 3 years since Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor parted ways and looks like both of them are highly content in their individual lives right now. While Ranbir has found love in Alia Bhatt and seems to be pretty serious about this new found relationship. Katrina is happily single, enjoying work and taking all the attention in a rather positive way. I mean, if you read her recent interviews on love and life, then you will know what we are trying to say. Of course, there was a time when she was heartbroken and it was evident in the way she would conduct herself but today she is in such a peaceful space that nothing else matters.

As Katrina revealed to Rajeev Masand in her recent Elle interview when she was asked about maintaining a work-life balance, "Right now I’d say my life is 80% work and 20% personal. But it’s not in our control. Right now, there’s a lot of work happening. I take it as a good thing. It wasn’t in my control when my personal life…got over", said Katrina adding, "It’s hard to know exactly why things happened. But I have a different take on it. “Ok fine—it [the break-up] sucks, it’s terrible, this is the worst thing in the world, my life is over. Let’s sit here and believe this, even for just two minutes. Do we feel good about things? No.” But if you really believe in your god, your universe, you’ll feel much better. The reason I feel that I should say this is because there are young girls who might be listening to me. They might find something that helps them. I may see a person and think, “Oh, she’s got everything”, or “Oh, she doesn’t struggle like I do”. But you know what? You don’t know that. Everyone struggles. The most important thing is to learn. We are all trying to work and achieve, in spite of our fears and insecurities. You don’t wake up one day and discover that it’s all gone. You have to push through it."

Who else agrees with Katrina on this? Tweet to us @zoomtv and do come back to this space for more updates. PS: Rumours are rife that Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are getting along really well of late. It's left to see if this friendship leads to a happier place in the near future. You never know.

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