Abortion exact | A PRO deputy said her colleagues were intimidated to vote against


A few days after the exact abortion debate in the Chamber of Deputies, one of the deputies from the PRO who supports the project said that several of her bloc colleagues were intimidated to reject the initiative.

"They received from the sending of photographs, merchandising to their offices, that in the churches they name them and invite the neighbors to sign letters from the pulpit of a Church", explained the legislator of Cambiemos Silvia Lospennato , who supports the project together with others Let's change, like DarĂ­o Lipovetzky.

The project will be discussed next June thirteen in the Lower House. So far , 117 deputies would reject it and another 113 would back it, while there are 25 legislators in dance, among undecided and votes already defined but who did not make themselves known.

"The debate of arguments is absolutely won at the opt of decriminalization," said Lospennato, who held hearings at which speakers offered to opt and against the project . "We had an opportunity, which rarely happens, to listen to countless arguments to opt or against the law, and I think that those who had the chance to listen will realize that there are only arguments to opt for decriminalization" said the legislator.

"It was very clear and established that this is a very serious public health problem in Argentina that affects not only women who end up dying, but also an average of 50,000 women per year who are hospitalized for unsafe abortions, "explained the PRO deputy.

Lospennato said that if the law is passed, those who do not want to have an abortion will not be obliged but that between 350,000 and 450,000 women will have access per year, as explained by Health Minister Adolfo Rubinstein, who also supports the project.

The deputy warned that many of her colleagues in the interbloque Cambiemos received all kinds of intimidation to reject the project, but that they chose not to victimize themselves. "We are convinced that Argentina has to evolve towards an absolutely secular vision, as befits the secular law, because it applies to all Argentine citizens think how they think, profess the religion they profess," he said in an interview with Radio Futurorock .

The Front for Victory is the party with the most votes to opt for the project, with 51 votes, while the PRO leads the list of negative votes with 33 rejections.

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