London woman rushed to hospital after suffering stroke during orgasm - Evening Standard


A London woman was rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke during an orgasm, according to a medical case report.

Scans revealed the 44-year-old, from west London, had a stroke while receiving oral sex, a British Medical Journal report detailed.

At first the woman had “normal neurology and only [a] moderate headache” after she came round from unconsciousness, before she was taken to A&E in an ambulance.

The unnamed woman was treated at West Middlesex University Hospital, in Isleworth, after she was rushed to get treatment.

Although it is unclear what caused the stroke, the partner claimed they noticed the woman’s body “was stiff”, the report said.

The medical journal read: “On closer history taking, the patient reported nearing orgasm while receiving oral sex from her partner before losing consciousness.”

The woman reported to doctors she had a headache at the front of her head, which she would rate six out of 10 on the pain scale.

It was initially feared by medics the woman had suffered a seizure, but it was later discovered she had blood between her skull and her brain and had suffered a stroke.

The report found the woman had suffered a “Subarachnoid haemorrhage”

She then spent the following two weeks in hospital, before being discharged 15 days later with no lasting problems.

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