'Athiran' movie review highlights -A creep-fest thriller set in a posh mental asylum - Times of India


Debut director Vivek's ' Athiran', set in the 1970s needs to come with a warning. It is full of creepy moments that lives up to the thriller genre. But at the interval stage, it also seems too full of holes that need to be plugged. Fahadh Faasil's character has been sent by the government to check out the 'untraditional' practices. at the mental hospital run by Atul Kulkarni. And the mind games, literally, start from the get go. With its tense and sometimes too loud background score, there are plenty of scary moments. But nothing looks to deter Faahadh from investigating the horrors of what happened to Nitya's (Sai Pallavi) family. We can't wait to get the answers in the second half

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