Apply more than 164 thousand vaccines against HPV to prevent cancer in Edomex


TOLUCA, State of Mexico. (Notimex) .- To prevent the development of cervical cancer in adulthood, at the end of the Second National Health Week , in the State of Mexico 164 thousand 510 doses of vaccines against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) were applied to girls of fifth year of primary school or of 11 years out of school.

In a statement, the authorities of the branch indicated that cancer of the cervix or cervix occupies the second place among the oncological diseases that cause the highest number of deaths in women, only after breast cancer.

The HPV vaccine protects against infections caused by strains Sixteen and 18 of this virus, which generate approximately 70 percent of cases of such cancer, as well as anal, vulvar and penile, among others.

In most cases, the clinical manifestations of this disease are asymptomatic, so early detection of precancerous lesions with a Papanicolaou analysis can prevent its development.

During this Second National Health Week, permanent vaccination was reinforced by completing basic schemes with the application of acellular pentavalent, viral triple against measles, rubella and mumps, antirrotavirus, pneumococcal and the reinforcement of the vaccine against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus (DPT).

From May 28 to June 1, seven million 176 thousand 444 shares were carried out, thanks to the participation of more than 24 thousand workers of the state health system and volunteers of institutions and organizations from the public, social and private sectors, who worked in more than a thousand medical units, 10 thousand vaccination posts and formed more than seven thousand brigades.

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