League admits error on Derek Carr quick whistle


Getty Images

The weekly officiating video is getting slightly more useful. Or slightly less useless.

This week’s video includes an acknowledgement by senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron that referee Walt Anderson blew the whistle too quickly on a sack of Raiders quarterback Derek Carr that resulted in an apparent fumble.

The ruling on the field was that Carr’s forward progress had been stopped.

“This is not forward progress,” Riveron said in the video. “Obviously, this is a fumble. We should not have blown the whistle.”

It appears that Anderson simply didn’t see the ball squirt up and over Carr’s left shoulder, presuming instead that the ball was still in Carr’s possession.

The error didn’t ultimately impact the game. The Raiders punted on the next play, and within several plays after that the Browns scored a touchdown.

Recent videos by Riveron have not admitted officiating errors. Former referee Terry McAulay, now an NBC rules analyst, said last month on the #PFTPM podcast that the habit of calling out mistakes can impact morale among the roster of NFL game officials.

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