Google Pixel 3 Shows Up On Chinese Retailers' Website


In short: The Google Pixel 3 has apparently been listed on in China, with a price of 4,999 RMB – that comes to around $729, but don’t take that as the actual pricing, as devices that are listed before announcement like this, are usually heavily inflated. The listing doesn’t tell us much, and that’s because it is in Mandarin and Google Translate is unable to translate much of the page. But it does show a render that had already surfaced in recent weeks of the smaller Google Pixel 3. This shows both the white and black Pixel 3, as well as the Pixel 3 XL and the Pixel 3 side-by-side. Which is something we already saw this week, but in some big and bulky cases. Now we can see them in all their glory.

Background: Smartphones typically get listed by third-party retailers before their announcement, especially those that have leaked as much as the Pixel 3 has. So it’s no surprise to see this being listed here on in China, but it is a bit surprising that it is listed in China. Considering the Pixel smartphones are typically only sold in a handful of countries, and China is not one of those. But perhaps Google is looking to sell the Pixel 3 in China this year, as it is looking to re-enter the country. It’s quite possible, but typically Nexus and Pixel phones were not available there, due to Google being blocked in the country.

Impact: It’s getting closer and closer to Google’s official unveiling of the new device, which is expected to happen on October 9 in New York City. The Pixel 3 might be the bigger seller this year, especially if the price is going up even higher, as expected on the larger Pixel 3 XL. Not to mention that huge notch that everyone has been so upset about, in recent leaks. Though there are some conspiracy theories running around out there that it was a hoax, but that is likely untrue at this point.

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