Wisconsin shooting: Suspect killed and four others wounded after gun shots fired in software company


A suspect has been fatally shot and four others wounded after gun shots were fired in a software company in Wisconsin.

The gunman was shot by officers, who were reported to an active shooter situation at software company WTS Paradigm at about 10.25am (US time).

Middleton Police Chief Chuck Foulke confirmed the suspect was shot by officers, but did not release any details about the suspect or how the attack unfolded.

He said officers were still interviewing witnesses, many of whom fled the office building or hid inside after gunshots rang out.

People are escorted out of a software company (AP)

Mr Foulke said three people were injured in the shooting, though the City Administrator Mike Davis said earlier that the number of injured was four.

A total of five patients were taken to hospitals in nearby Madison following the shooting.

According to the hospitals, one patient was in critical condition on Wednesday afternoon, two were in serious condition, and one had injuries that were not life-threatening. The condition of the other was not released.

Police have not released details about how the shooting unfolded, but witnesses said they heard gunfire around 10am.

Emergency personnel on the scene (AP)

Judy Lahmers, a business analyst at WTS Paradigm, said she was working at her desk when she heard what sounded "like somebody was dropping boards on the ground, really loud".

Ms Lahmers said she ran out of the building and hid behind a car.

She said the building's glass entrance door shattered.

The shooting happened in Middleton, a suburb of Madison, in Wisconsin (AP)

"I'm not looking back, I'm running as fast as I can. You just wonder, 'Do you hide or do you run?"' she told The Associated Press.

She said she knew that one co-worker had been grazed by a bullet but was OK. She did not have any other information about the shooting, but said it was "totally unexpected. We're all software people. We have a good group".

Police conducted a secondary search of the area on Wednesday afternoon to ensure there were no more victims or suspects, and discovered some people were still hiding in the building, which also houses Esker Software.

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