Andrew McCutchen's recap of the Dodgers-Giants brawl is the only one you need


The Dodgers and Giants had a little bit of a kerfuffle on Tuesday night after Nick Hundley and Yasiel Puig got into it at home plate. Staying true to the rivalry, this kerfuffle involved Puig open-hand slapping Hundley across the face while being held back by his teammates and coaches.

It was a pretty great brawl, as brawls go. But Giants’ outfielder Andrew McCutchen has his own perspective on the fight which he shared on Instagram on Wednesday.

It’s a charmingly innocent version of a brawl that, again, included an open-hand slam from one player to another. As Cutch points out, brawls for outfielders are over as soon as you get there anyway.

The description of the bullpen running by as “a breeze going by me like a light tornado” followed by his realization that he has to catch up to them and then getting there and everyone just hanging out in the aftermath is probably a feeling known by many outfielders. Fight lengths in baseball just aren’t built for everyone to get involved.

But at least next time Cutch knows to keep his eyes alert for a brawl so he doesn’t end up running behind the bullpen again.

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