Google helps keep spam away, rolls out caller ID and filters in Phone app


It's All About Emojis

9 May, 2018

Even before the event kicked off, CEO Sundar Pichai assured fixing bugs in things that matter the most, like burger emoji and floating foam on beer mug emoji. With 7000 people present at Shoreline Amphitheater for the event this year, Pichai and his team amused the audience with their newly-developed features at Mountain View, California. Better and smoother updates in AI, Assistant, Photos, News will soon make lives easy for most people. Missed the live event? Here's a quick round-up of what Google has in store for your in the coming few days, weeks and months.

Selfie-Lover's Delight!

9 May, 2018

Clicking picture of a document? The AI will convert JPEG to PDF. Google has trained its AI to help all the photography enthusiasts enjoy great features like adding colour to black and white images, making pictures pop by adjusting backdrop, suggesting brighter options for an under-processed picture. The update will available to be Google Photo users in next few months. (Image: Sreeraman Thiagarajan)

Striking The Balance With Android P

9 May, 2018

Google wants to help you with digital well-being. The operating system's four new amazing features will help you plan your lives better and indulge in meaningful engagement. Dashboard in Andoid P will give you access to a chart of apps you are engaging in and the activities within a certain app. With the app-timer mode, your smartphone will nudge you when you are close to your limit of using one particular app, after which it will turn grey for the rest of the day to remind you of your goals. If you enable the new do not disturb 'Shush' mode and keep your phone upside down, it will halt all notifications. However, only your suggested key contacts can reach out to you if this mode is enabled. Snooze time will get better with 'Wind Down' feature. If your screen time before going to bed takes up more than an hour of your sleep time, this is boon in disguise. This feature will turn your screen grey, which automatically discourages your mind to engage in your phone. If you wish to try these new updates now, 'Android P Beta' is available on Google Pixel and seven other flagship devices like Nokia, Vivo, OnePlus, Mi, Sony, Oppo, Essential.

Show Me The Way

9 May, 2018

Google Maps has introduced new tabs for getting your directions right. 'For You' tab helps users access new places, popular locations, personal recommendations, and trending now places in and around your neighbourhood. However, 'Your Match' tab can personalise these recommendations and pick the places (based on your activities) that are best for you. Friends can use Maps to vote real-time and plan their hangout destination, easily. Combining the camera to Maps will make finding locations easier. Open the camera, see nearby places and let the screen direct you. Also, Google adds a helpful guide (fox) for fun.

Liking The Sound Of Google's Voice

9 May, 2018

Love John Legend? Let him do all the talking. Later this year, his voice will come to the Google Assistant. Also, six new voices (men and women) to follow soon. All the voices you hear on Google Assistant is that of a real person who recorded thousands of words in a real studio. (Image: Sreeraman Thiagarajan)

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