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This can’t be almost done, can it? It feels like just yesterday we had a fresh tournament, clean and blank, nothing but 32 teams and possibilities. Four teams now remain, and we are clinging to these last beautiful moments of the 2018 World Cup. But we are due for some beautiful moments. The final four teams are richly deserving. France has been the most talented team of the tournament, notching signature wins over tough opponents Argentina and Uruguay, looking mighty — if a bit safe — in the process. They’ll take on Belgium, the wildly entertaining (perhaps too much so) side which throws caution to the wind against everyone and is trying to score beautiful goals at every opportunity. On the other side there is England, young, fresh and fun England (who thought we’d ever say those words?), scoring goals and being led beautifully by Gareth Southgate. They’ll take on Croatia, led by Luke Modric — perhaps the player of the tournament. There are only four matches left in this World Cup. Let’s cherish all of them.

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