People want Amazon's Alexa on the toilet (and brands are listening)


Consumers are getting increasingly comfortable with voice assistants like Apple's Siri, Google's Assistant and Amazon's Alexa. So comfortable, in fact, that they're looking to use those assistants in their bathrooms — even while on the toilet.

That's according to public relations firm Walker Sands' 2018 "The Future of Retail" report, based on a survey of 1,600 U.S. consumers. Owners of voice-enabled devices reported using them most frequently for common functions, "like playing music, looking up information or checking the time." The majority of people kept them in the living room, kitchen or bedroom.

But others want to use voice commands while in the bathroom: 14 percent of survey respondents said they keep their devices there already, and 19 percent said they would like to be able to use hands free commands in the shower. And, 13 percent "wanted more voice-controlled options for hands-free commands while on the toilet," according to the report.

It appears some brands are listening, though it will cost you.

In August, Kohler is releasing a suite of voice-enabled bathroom fixtures from faucets to mirrors. Using your preferred voice assistant (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit) you can turn on the sink with your voice using Kohler's Sensate Faucet for $660, or get your shower running at the perfect temperature with its DTV+ Shower System for an estimated $3,300. The $1,332 Verdera Voice lighted mirror has Amazon's Alexa technology embedded within the product, so you can ask it to play music, listen to the news, look up facts or use it as a hub to control the other devices in the suite. There is also the Numi Intelligent Toilet, launching in early 2019, which has a heated seat, plays music and displays colored lighting.

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